scan pic and scale

hello all autocad users,
I would like to scan old drawing sections into autocad and then scale them.
Anyone have the process for this.
The insert raster image is no problem but the scaling seems to be the
part I'm having problems with.
thank you
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Pick a known distance on the raster and the, as best you can, do a DIST on the two points defining it. Scale the raster by a factor equal to the known distance divided by the measured distance. Since the raster will be imprecise, you need to decide which known distance to use as your reference as each one will yield a slightly different scale factor.
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Michael Bulatovich
Well said.
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Dan S.
IMO.......using the 'Reference' option to the Scale command leaves less room for operator error. You only have one chance of transposing a number, that way.............not that I'm known for such mistakes, or anything. ;)
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I agree, that's how I do it. Quicker too.
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you can also use the ALIGN command. Works quite well for me.
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Peter O.J. Cocquyt
Being on Map, I actually use ADETRANSFORM quite often - it does a SCALE, ROTAE and MOVE using 2 source points and 2 destination points, great for quickly aligning images.
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