This may sound elementary, but I need help with copy command. I am using Acad2004. I have copied some areas and inserted into Excel for someone to review who does not have cad. Here is my dilemma. I was able to copy 3 files successfully into Excel sheets. For some reason, now when I select a new copy set, when I paste into Excel, it is only the previous file. Is there someway that the copy command gets filled up? I have not been able to solve this with Help. Does anyone have any idea why I cannot copy a new set into Excel? Many TIA SS

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S. Smith
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I am having the same issues with copy on occasion. Both with AutoCAD's copy and with Windows' copy from a drawing. I find it happens most when the selection set is large. I haven't been able to figure why it does that but I did find that using AutoCAD's copy within the drawing with the new selection set (just copy off to a blank spot in the drawing and then deleting later) a few times seems to clear it.

Does anybody know what is actually going on there? Maybe even how to fix it or things to check? I hate wasting time playing with it like that but I sometimes don't have another option to do what needs doing.

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seems like you need to clear the clipboard.

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