Hi! How do I copy an item from one dwg to another? Tried to use "machprop" but can't get it to work. Hans Persson

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Hans Persson
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Old way (pre 2000), create a block with wblock comand. Then use insert command in the other drawing.

New way, open both drawings, use Copy/Paste or drag drop between the drawings.

If the item alerady is a block then use Design Center.

MatchProp if for "painting" properties like color, layer, e.t.c between items in the same drawing.

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Conny Klasson
  1. Open both drawings.
  2. Highlight the items to be to copied and Ctrl-C (use the Windows Copy buffer to save to Clipboard).
  3. Switch to the other drawing and Ctrl-V(use the Windows Paste buffer to add from Clipboard).

Be sure to place on the correct layer.

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  1. Go to File menu then select copy with base point.
  2. Go to the other drawing then Paste it in. It should come in at the same location as it was in the original drawing you copied it from.

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"Hans Persson" wrote in news:aM6kb.248$

in 2002 with both drawings open, go to the edit pull down (i think) and select copy command of your choice, select next dwg from pull down menu, go back to edit pull down and select appropriate command, works for me

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PICKFIRST=1 in both files, select objects, right-click drag and drop

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