super purge

seems like years ago, there was an express tool, or some similar which
would purge a file completely in on stroke.
I did not need it years ago, but may find myself in a place where it
sure would be sweet.
anybody remember this routine? seems like it was free.
my office is a catastrophe, my data (base) is immaculate. purging is
what I do to OTHER PEOPLE'S files.
(chuckles softly to himself)
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I've got something copyrighted in 1999 from ManuSoft called spurge.lsp and it seems to come with another file called spurgeUI.lsp which is protected. They seem to have their own subdirectory, so I think an 'installer' of some kind put them there...
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Michael Bulatovich
thanks, yes, Manusoft rings some bells. spurge was one of the names. think I should check Hot Tip Harry's archives too......
again, thanks.
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