Help with LISP (displaying jpegs)

I am trying to get AutoCAD to display a .jpg file in either MS Photo Editor or Windows Picture and Fax Viewer when I click on a text entity
which is the same as the photo name but I'm not having much luck.
I have several drawings, and each drawing has it's own folder for photos. The routine below finds out which dwg I am in, then looks in the appropriate folder.
Here is what I have so far. I realise that there is more code than perhaps necessary, but this is for future expansion ie adding additional file types like bmp.
(defun c:show_photo () (setq jpg_exists nil) (setq ed (entget (car (entsel)))) (setq ent1 (assoc 1 ed)) (setq photoref (cdr ent1)) ;;the text value of the entity (setq photoref_dwg_file_name (getvar "dwgname") ;; the dwg file name photoref_dwg_file_base (vl-filename-base photoref_dwg_file_name) ;; the dwg file name minus extension photo_files_folder (strcat photoref_dwg_file_base "_photos") ;; the photo folder name photoref_path (strcat "\"" "K:\\Network Info\\Network_Photos\\" photo_files_folder "\\" photoref ".jpg" "\"");the spec for finding the .jpg file
;;;note for above line: Startapp needs the file to open in quotes when a space is used in the path. ;;;So the backslash quote attaches a literal quote at the back and the front of the path ;;;note that this path is to be used for the startapp fuction. )
;;;;;;sub to look for jpg and displays file (defun do_jpg () (findfile photoref_path) (startapp "C:\\Program Files\\Common Files\\Microsoft Shared\\PhotoEd.exe" photoref_path) );defun do_jpg
;_______________Sub for no photos found_________________ ;(defun no_photos () ;(setq no_photo (strcat "There are no photos found for photo reference: " photoref)) ;(princ no_photo) ;(princ) ;);defun no_photos
;check for existence of files (if (findfile photoref_path) (setq jpg_exists T)) ;check if jpg file exists (if (not jpg_exists) (no_photos));if no photos exist do no_photos
(princ) );overall defun
The routine works if there is no photo for the text label clicked on, but nothing seems to happen when there is a valid photo.
I first tried to use startapp to launch Windows and Fax Viewer, but this seemed a bit more complicated as it is not a standalone program.
Seems I cant get Photo Editor to work either. I have a nearly identical routine for opening pdf's with Acrobat Reader when I click on a text entity, and this works fine, so can't see why this one doesn't work.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks Peter
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