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Can anyone tell me the command for putting the filename on an autocad
regards fred
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Fred Evans
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You can use a field, or, if you use Express Tools, rtext.
Fred Evans wrote:
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Bill Gilliss
You might try tstamp.lsp. allows you to place the full path and filename on a drawing. It's been around for a few years.
************************************************* (defun c:tstamp( / cd fn fnlen txt) (setq cd (rtos (getvar "cdate") 2 4) cd (strcat (substr cd 7 2) "/" (substr cd 5 2) "/" (substr cd 3 2) " " (substr cd 10 2) ":" (substr cd 12 2) " " ) ) ;; now cd is a string of form "28/12/95 13:12" (setq fn (getvar "dwgname") fnlen (strlen fn) ) (if (or (< fnlen 5) (/= (strcase (substr fn (- fnlen 3))) ".DWG")) (setq fn (strcat fn ".DWG")) )
(setq fn (findfile fn)) ;; here fn is full pathname of current DWG ;; or NIL if it's unsaved new file -- so save ;; it first. ;; Now you may do whatever you like, say (setq txt (strcase (strcat fn " " cd))) (princ txt) (princ "\n Click position of text then type height \"enter\", angle \"enter\" ") (command "TEXT" pause pause pause txt) (princ) ) *******************************************************
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It depends on what version of AutoCAD you are using, which you didn't include in your post. Most of the later versions of AutoCAD include a plot stamp option in the plot dialogue. You should make use of the Help in AutoCAD. In most versions just press F1 and the Help comes up.
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