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Does anyone know if there's a LISP or VBA routine that will export selected text in a drawing and either allow it to be pasted into Notepad or Excel (or a TXT/CSV file)? The drawings I'm editing were not created with Blocks/Attributes and therefore I cannot use the Extract Attribute command.

Any help appreciated.

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HiHo; Look in the "get the code" section of

formatting link
under the "text" section.

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This Lisp will do selection in window or all for R14 and R2000:

(setq v:editor "c:\\programme\\utils\\editpad.exe")

(defun c:tex ( / a b c d e f g h i l r) (graphscr) (setq l (getpoint "1. Fensterpunkt :"))

(if l (setq r (getcorner l "2. Fensterpunkt :") a (ssget "_W" l r ) ; Texte im Fenster suchen keine Filterliste moeglich a (onlyent a "TEXT") ) (setq a (ssget "X" (list (cons 0 "TEXT"))) ; alle Texte suchen ) ) ; end if

(if (< 0 (sslength a)) (progn ;(prall (list "\n" (sslength a) " Elemente gefunden.\n" ))

(setq g 0 d (open "scr.scr" "w") )

; Text an Editor übergeben

(while (< g (sslength a) ) (setq h (ssname a g) e (entget h) b (feld 0 e) c (feld 1 e) ) (if (= "TEXT" b) (progn (princ (strcat c "\n") d) (setq g (1+ g)) ) ; aus Auswahlsatz entfernen (setq a (ssdel h a)) ) ) ; ende while (close d)(setq d nil)

(setq b " scr.scr")

(startapp v:editor b)

; Text von Editor übernehmen wenn dieser fertig ist ; bei Windows wegen Multitasking jetzt Programm anhalten

(getstring "\nEditor fertig ? ")

(setq f (sslength a) g 0 d (open "scr.scr" "r") ) (while (< g f) (setq e (entget (ssname a g)) c (read-line d) ; Zeile lesen ) (if (/= c (feld 1 e)) (progn (setq e (append (list (assoc -1 e)) (list (cons 1 c))) ) (setq i (entmod e)) (if (not i) (getstring "\nElement nicht nachgefuehrt!") (princ "Erfolgreich nachgefuehrt\n") ) ) ; Ende progn wenn ungleich (princ "Element gleich\n") ) ; Ende if (setq g (1+ g)) ) ; ende while (close d)(setq d nil) (redraw)(grtext) ) ; ende progn (princ "\nKeine Texte gewaehlt.\n") ) ; ende if (princ) )

( defun prall ( a / b ) ( foreach b a (princ b )) (princ ) )

(defun Onlyent ( a e / b f h i) (setq i 0) (while (< i (sslength a) ) (setq h (ssname a i) f (entget h) b (feld 0 f) ) (if (= e b) (setq i (1+ i)) ; aus Auswahlsatz entfernen (setq a (ssdel h a)) ) ) ; ende while

a )

(defun feld ( a b) (cdr(assoc a b)) )

(defun startapp ( a b / c) (setq c (strcat a " " b)) (command "Shell" c)



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Je Wed, 21 Jul 2004 22:22:15 +0100, "Disco Dave" skribis:


There's a program that I use that was written for the purpose of extracting text for translation into other languages. It then merges the translated text files with the original graphic elements to create translated drawings.

If you're interested, write me.


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