LISP - Extract all blocks with atrributes to file

I need to write a lisp routine(to use in console command) to list all
the blocks with all attributes(first four will be enought) to file.
Because i'm not familiar with LISP i'm not able to do it myself:(. I
cannot use VB in this case so I was made to use a LISP instead. If
someone can show me the rountine or give some link I'd be glad.
---sample form of txt file----
BlockName1 att1 att2 att3 att4
BlockName2 att1 att2 att3 att4
BlockNameN att1 att2 att3 att4
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Add this account to your newsreader: Then add this newsgroup: autodesk.autocad.customization
Or on the web.....
formatting link
Re-post your question and you'll have the entire code written for you or at least an answer within minutes.... those guys dream in LISP.
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M napisal(a):
Thank you very much. I will try there.
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