Latest DWGgateway crashes AutoCAD R14

I have been running the DWGgateway AutoCAD drawing converter (2005 version)
within AutoCAD R14 for some considerable time with no problems.
Yesterday I was asked to open an AutoCAD 2007 drawing file, which my version
of DWGgateway would not do.
I downloaded and installed the latest (2007) version file .
Everything seemed to go well and there were no error messages.
However, when I initiated AutoCAD R14, it started to open and then promptly
bombed out (at the point that it tried to load the file).
I disabled the file (which contained the text: C:\Program
Files\Common Files\DWGgateway\DGArxR14.arx) and then AutoCAD R14 started up
I then tried to manually load the DWGgateway file, but I
received the error message: "FATAL ERROR: Unhandled c06d007eh Exception at
7c812a5bh" and AutoCAD crashed.
I have now reinstalled my old (2005) version of DWGgateway, and it runs
Has anyone else experienced problems with the latest version of DWGgateway
running within AutoCAD14? Any advice?
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I am also running R14 and had the same issue with DWGgateway. I started using the AutoDesk "TrueConvert" application. Newest version works like a charm. mlv wrote:
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Yes, that's exactly what I have done.
I emailed DWGgateway about the problem, but so far they haven't responded.
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