AutoCad R14 --> VRML

I am interested in taking some autocad classes at the local tech school (3
levels - intro, intermidiate, and 3D - scattered across a year) and I just want
to know if I would be able to design a house, with doors, windows, etc. and
save the DWG file and then run it thru some sort of converter that will let it
be a (probably BIG) VRML file.
The Goal: to be able to have someone with the SVG or the VRML plug-in to walk
thru my house! Go thru doors, check out room details, etc. I intend it to be
as realistic as possible,
Is this possible??
Please contact me here or via email:
Thanks again!
remember:AutoCad R14 - but I'm willing to upgrade if it will do what I want.
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