What good is VRML in SolidWorks !?

I'm looking for a model of an ATV (four wheeler), and came across a pretty good one at 3dcafe.com, but it was a 3d studio mesh that I converted to vrml with crossroads 3d and brought it into SolidWorks. It looks faceted, but would have worked for my application, had it been 3d data of some sort.

Really, what is the value of being able to open a vrml file in SolidWorks if you cannot manipulate or even touch off of data?

On a side note, If anyone knows of a model of an ATV, I'd be grateful!

--Matt Schroeder

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Matt Schroeder
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well it enables me to export models to Blender (free)

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for rendering as good as if not better than Photoworks can produce. Maybe you could use Blender to manipulate your model and bring it back to SW. Just open the VRML file and get into edit mode. Bit of a learning curve to go through to use it well though.Bear in mind you are playing around with geometric meshes not parametric data. The VRML ATV model someone probably made or scanned for a gaming environment can give you a semi accurate buck but you surely will still need to construct properly engineered parts to mount your real SW work on? cheers

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.adjuts your options upon import of the VRML.. from graphics body to surface or solid body. NOw heres the kicker...most ppl in other programs dont model water tight, not needed. so you might not get it to come in as a solid body. What you can do is run a diagnosis on the surface body after bringing it in and if there are any gaps SW will try and heal it if you so choose. If SW doesnt to it, you will at least see where the wholes are and patch them up.

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Arthur Y-S

A better question might be: What good is VRML (anywhere)?

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