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Hi group,
Can anyone advise me which format to use when saving on a machine running
2004 so that it can opened and altered on a machine running R14.
Thanks in advance to all those who take the time to reply.
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R12/LT2 DXF (*.dxf) would be my guess
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Dave Jones
check this:
formatting link
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Norbert Grund
I run R14 on my computer and everyone else in my company will be running 2004 soon. Currently they are running 2000 so when they share draings with me they simply save them in R14 so I can open them. Will 2004 work the same or will they need the batch convertor? James
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They will need the converter.
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"Two steps forward, three steps back. 1-2, cha-cha-cha." (Taken from the Upgrade Boogie)
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Michael Bulatovich
From what I see, 2004 does not go directly to R14. It will save to R2000 dwg or back to R12 dxf. This means you have to convert twice using 2004 to go to 2000 and use 2000 to go R14 dwg. If your drawings are simple (basic geometry) you can go back to R12 dxf. Still, I'd be afraid of loosing something (including accuracy if the dxf precision isn't set high enough.)
2004 comes with a batch converter, but I don't know its capability.
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