Rayfront - license not found

I downloaded a prog called Rayfront and installed it - then installed
the license key as instructed but when I tried to appload the arx into
the autocad it keeps saying that license key not found.
When I open the Rayfront program it opens fine but when I try
importing a dxf file into the prog it says "no surface prinmitives
found in file"
Any similar experiences?
I´m running autocad 2002.
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Matti Viita
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(Assuming Rafront is a rendering program) It sounds like the issue is your model (Acad file), having nothing to do with the license key.
Does your model contain any solids or faces that can be rendered?
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Yes...it´s a rendering/ray tracing program. I did a test file which contained a solid, boxes made of faces and regions, but still the same thing.
Here´s more on the program:
formatting link
I mailed the same question to the schorsch -guy but my computer crashed when I sent the mail so I´m not sure if the mail left...better mail it again.
thanks anyway,
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Matti Viita

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