AutoCad R14 and Vista

Does anyone know of a way to get AutoCAD R14 to work on a computer running
Windows Vista? At this point in time I really can't afford to upgrade to a newer
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Unless you can get it to run in Windows NT or Windows 98 Compatibilty mode then no there is no hope of getting R14 to run in Vista. Vista is at least two Windows OS kernels adavnced from the Windows versions that R14 was completely compatible with.
Daryl Stockton
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I doubt the AutoCAD 14 is compatible but for a very realistic price you could upgrade to progeCAD 2008 Standard or Professional and get AutoCAD compatibility for about 1/10th the price of AutoCAD. Free 30 day download available at
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progeCAD uses AutoCAD DWG files, supporting versions 2.5 through 2009, and has a command set about the same as AutoCAD. Includes 3D surfaces and solid modeling, and is compatible with most of the file types of AutoCAD including linetypes, hatch patterns, menus, etc. Input and output to PDF.
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I use ACAD 14 with XP without a problem.
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Go to the Autodesk website and search the user forums. There is a fix involving a dll file. I've had R14 running on Vista on one of my systems without any problems.
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