Is a license valid on a desktop plus laptop?

I didn't get a chance to suggest an industrial strength laptop as my
workstation. They dropped a box on my desk this morning.
I'm running 2008 for the trial period, giving me (& company) time to
figure out where I'll go
They want to hang their hat on the tack that holds the license.
Bully for the company ehtic.
want to port the package to my laptop.
I'm sure I could search an answer at
Maybe a quick answer is available from YOU ... the guru.
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If what you are running is a standalone license then you are allowed to install it on your laptop also, the premise being that you could not use both at the same time.
If your company is using network licensing, then you can install the software on both your desktop and laptop, but to take a license with you, outside the the physical location of the licensing server, you would have to use the license borrowing utility built into AutoCAD and check out a license. The license you check out would not be available on the licensing server until you check it back in.
Daryl Stockton
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