Help me learn AutoCAD?

Hi everyone,
I really want to master AutoCAD but can't afford the $800 per semester
charges for a class. I work for a repro company and work with AutoCAD
versions r14 -2005 for plotting purposes. I want to learn all the other
capabilities of the program as well. Would anyone be willing to give me
simple assignments for me to try to figure out on my own and answer the
occasional question? If interested pelase contact me.
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There are free tutorials on the net. Though I have never seen one (never looked), I'd imagine that someone has written a home study course. Try here for tutorials.
formatting link
under AutoCAD, fallow the links.
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In addition to what CW suggested, have you looked into your local adult night classes? It will not help you 'master' AutoCAD, but it will give you a good start, and it is much more affordable than the $800 per semester you quoted.
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Brian Spillane
I taught my self. I bought George Omura's book, Mastering AutoCAD and used it as a tutorial. Six months with his book and you can teach the class.
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Lowell Holmes
I did the same, with similar results.
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Michael Bulatovich

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