Which AutoCad Product to Learn & Master ???

Dear Brothers & Sisters,
I am a total newbie at Cad.
I would like to kindly ask you of all the Skills that is gained from each of
the AutoDesk products, which one is the most marketable ?
Furthermore which of these skills is the most highly sought after ?
The reason why I am asking is because I am thinking of learning one of the
AutoDesk CAD products and would very much like to spend time on a highly
sought after skill and product.
Hope to hear from you soon.
John Doe
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John Doe
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What experience do you have? In what field? THAT will dictate what product to learn.
You seem to be trying to put your cart before the horse Just because you may know a 'product' will not make you marketable. You need to know the industry your applying for.
i.e. Just because you may become a proficient in say inventor, you will not land a job designing cars or product packaging.
The cad package is just a tool to perform the job. It is not the job, nor it's sole requirement.
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Brian Spillane
find something you love to do and then find someone who will pay you to do it. :)
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