which autocad product do I need?

Hi there, I work for a construction company that uses a software package that can export its job files in dxf format. We want to open these jobs in AutoCAD to dimension them. Besides the dimensioning, we also want to be able to drop in certain premade graphics- tubs, sinks, etc. In the end, we need to be able to send a .plt file to send to the reprographic guys.
I have had access to Architectural Desktop to make a few trial runs- it works great. My company wants to get something similar for ourselves, which leads to my question- which AutoCAD product do I need? I have tried to make sense out of what's available. I will never need the solid modeling, so I am looking at the LT version at the high end of the price scale. The low end of the scale seems to be Autosketch. Will Autosketch r8 fulfill my needs?
My requirements are: 1)open dxf files 2)ability to dimension- with Architectural Desktop, I opened the dxf, dimensioned it, saved it as dwg, and made a plt file to send to the printer. 3)ability to drop in other graphics files. What I tried in my trial run was to drop in a jpg logo. We have premade graphics from suppliers, etc., that I would like to be able to use.
All comments and suggestions appreciated- thanks!
Danny Anderson
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Danny Anderson
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Hola, Autocad folks!
I work for a construction company. A software packae we use can export
its job files in dxf format. It also happens that we receive dwg files on
occasion from architects, etc. I have had access to Architectural
Desktop, but that was a temporary situation that is coming to a close. I
am looking for advice on the least expensive solution I can purchase. I
have only a passing familiarity with Autocad products, so I haven't been
able to really tell which one will suit me best.
My requirements:
-open dxf and dwg files.
-ability to dimension dxf/dwg and save the results as dwg
-ability to drop in premade graphics similar to [Insert raster image]
command inArchitectural Desktop.
-ability to generate plot files to send to the
reprographics guys
Things I don't need:
-solid modeling
-editing dwg/dxf except for the additions of dimensions -any extra
features than what is listed above.
Will Autosketch R8 do all this? If not, is there something that fits in
between Autosketch and one of the LT versions?
Suggestions and comments appreciated. Thanks!
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Danny Anderson
It sounds like even the free (evaluation) version of Intellicad will do what you need. Even if not, the more "advanced" versions are relatively cheap
John B
johnbogie btinternet.com Put the "at" in the gap.
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What version of autocad files do you receive? Autocad Lite seems to be becoming more advanced and there are add-on packages by third party manufacturers which can enhance it's capability.
formatting link
is one....
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Try out the free evaluation copy from
formatting link
and look at the various product editions available in the CADopia eStore.
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The latest version of LT has had the raster insertion feature removed (rather than just hidden as in earlier versions)
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You MAY run into some trouble with Desktop's custom objects. Hard for me to explain, fully, but something worth asking for more advice on in here. I don't think LT can handle the custom objects that Desktop creates.
I'm sure there are ways to avoid these issues, but depending on your situation, it may cause you some grief.
(I'm not a user of LT or Architectural Desktop, so I can't give you any more definitive info.)
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Have you tried IntelliCAD? You end up saving on cost and it works allright.
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Saurabh Manohar
Look around a bit. There are lots of cad programs besides Autocad and NON of them will screw you as bad as Autodesk. This would be ideal for what you
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Yes. I agree wholeheartedly.
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But stock Intellicad is more capable than stock Autocad LT and is much cheaper.
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