SaladWorks 2006: It's All About AutoCAD / Autodesk.

As I have posted for years... all SaladWorks Corp really focuses on is
AutoCad / Autodesk. Is it any wonder SaladWorks is now such a POS...
and it's only gonna get worse.
Here is the latest on SaladWorks 2006
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"It's About AutoCAD
I was struck by the number of changes to SolidWorks 2006 that mimic
additions to AutoCAD: text in a box (mtext), spell check, tables with
equations and object properties (fields), jog dimensions, design checker
(standards), and so on.
In Us vs. Them news, SolidWorks is changing the name of eDrawings, which
was an accurate but unexciting name, to DWGviewer. Uh huh. They now have
a stable of three DWG-named products to convince AutoCAD users to come
on over, the water's fine:
DWGviewer -- publish and view CAD drawings.
DWGgateway -- translate .dwg files between releases. Next up: the
ability to generate PDF files from inside AutoCAD. DWGEditor -- .dwg
file editor based on IntelliCAD. Bonus: 3-to-1 licensing, which each
license of SolidWorks gives you three licenses of DWGEditor. The
emphasis on DWG is no accident: Mr McEleney sees 2D AutoCAD users
belonging to the prime cohort of new SolidWorks customers. It's a matter
of reassurance.
SolidWorks 2006 is due out in July, or maybe even June."
When you have had more than enough of SaladWorks and want a real
CAD/CAM package from a company that does not give a flying fuck what
Autodesk is doing:
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How much more pathetic whining are we going to hear from SaladWorks
Product Loyalists before they get off their collective asses and
change to a real CAD/CAM program like they should have years ago.
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jon banquer
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Get your own group and tell people where it's at. If they want your SPAM they'll go there.
I think you just like to see your own writings.
I can handle plenty.... X-wife, loss of a leg and another that doesn't work anymore, people who think that their way is the only way, if your not doing things their way then you must be stupid or don't know any better...................... BLAA BLAA
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jackK, you don't get to define what and what not SPAM on Usenet is, as you're too clueless.
To help yourself become unclueless on such matters, suggest you look up the definition of what SPAM on the Usenet is.
Hint: "Breidbart Index".
You go grrl!
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Black Dragon wrote in news:
Thanks for having an open mind. Wish we had more posters with your willingness to seriously look at other alternatives to SaladWorks. Without a doubt this would make SaladWorks a much better product. The SaladWorks Product Loyalist mentality that permeates both newsgroups does nothing to improve SaladWorks.
When you get the VX CD and have spent sometime learning VX please consider posting at
formatting link
in the VX Forum. While VX has a much better architecture then SaladWorks and has been built correctly from the ground up as a seamless, unified, hybrid modeler there are lots of improvements to VX's UI that are still needed and will make VX easier and more enjoyable to use.
Specifics on where you think VX can improve after you start using VX and work your way through the VX .pdf tutorials would be very helpful to me and to others. The more specific and the more critical the better as far as I'm concerned.
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jon banquer
Let me make sure I'm reading this correctly:
You're criticizing Solidworks for focusing their marketing towards AutoCAD users, and making the interface more easy to learn for people switching over?
Based on sales numbers, don't you think VX could learn a thing or two about marketing and product presentation from Solidworks?
This thread is comparable to Fadal trying to bad mouth Haas' sales and marketing strategies.
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I agree with jackK: It's spam. I don't want to see it here and therefore it's spam - because I say so for myself - not you...
Or, maybe a simpler explanation for your thick skull: SW users don't come to this ng for utterly SW-non-related posts, so all else is... What? Spam! That's correct.
jaskK has given right advice to the jb's lost soul: "go away and make your own group". He wont do it, because he knows he'll be lonely, unless carries on posting under different names and makes his name respected. Anyway, just FYI (though I know you don't care, eh), I regard you as another jb's alias and therefore "you" go bozo binned, too. What a pleasure!
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You can call it whatever you want, but the FACT of the matter is, it is NOT spam. Suit yourself though, the rest of the Usenet (tintrotu) knows better.
It's (partially) off topic posting, at best.
And there is a totally bullet proof solution to your problem, cry baby.
Nobody is holding a gun to your head and making you read it, so don't!
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Black Dragon
jon banquer wrote in news:d6oaqu$26hg$1
Yea, turning yer monitor upside down and shakin it to erase something is tedious at best.
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And the bad part about this is it's FULL of BS. Get the facts straight. Edrawings is STILL Edrawings and is NOT DWGeditor. DWGeditor is totally separate program that is a drawing editer. Edrawings is ONLY a drawing and model viewer. You can't change anything with Edrawings except what models are being viewed.
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Just so you know, this is not a discussion about facts. It's all about feelings.
I think that having the DWG editor is a great move for solidworks to make and it is a true benefit to existing users who still have 2D legacy data.
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Sean-Michael Adams
If this trend continues, Dassault will end up renaming SolidWorks:
DWGsolids -- SolidWorks' improved name. DWGviewer -- publish and view CAD drawings. DWGgateway -- translate .dwg files between releases. DWGEditor -- .dwg file editor based on IntelliCAD
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Black DragNot really. Haas may win the sales and marketing strategies, but Fadal builds better machines.
That all depends on who you ask. A lot of folks believe the Haas is a better machine.
If you ask me, it's like arguing over which smells better, dog crap, or cat crap.
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