Autocad Fraud at SW World 2006?

Upon arriving at my hotel tonight (sat) for the 2006 SW World, I noticed a stage set-up located behind the Imperial Palace. Plastered infront of the Imperial Palace are numerous posters stating: "The Perfectly Engineered Surf Party for Solidworks Users".

So I took a walk out to the stage site to see why I hadnt heard about this event sooner. As I walked up to the fenced off area, there were stage hands still setting up the stage, and they were hanging posters inside the fenced in area that read: "Autodesk Inventor, the best software for Autocad Users".

Now I find it very hard to believe that this is a sanctioned event by Solidworks, and I hope not to many people are duped by the posters.

So sad to see a company that was once so big, resort to such low tactics. I guess this is a sign of Autodesks last gasp for air.

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I had heard something of a similar tactic attempted at the last SWW.

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Autodesk has Karl Rove on retainer.

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That is pretty weak... I guess that's progress- years ago nobody would have bothered with that; now everyone's gunnin for 'em.

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Kevin Silbert

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