SW World 2006 Day 3 Morning

Well another half day has passed, and another godd start to a day here in Vegas. First off let me take this time to appoligize for the many speeling and gramatical errors in my posts. These posts are made between sessions in an attempt to get the information out asap. That said, here is a recap of this morning.

The general session started off with a few videos of some of the products that are here in the product showcase. Among them was the trek bike, the Koenigsegg 242MPH car, and a few other porducts. After that Vic (whose last name escapes me right now) who is a board member of DSS and Solidworks spoke briefly. Vic is a very entertaining speaker, comical, and a pleasure to listen too. He introduced the keynote speakers for the day.

Richard Seymour and Dick Powel make up the team at Seymour/Powel Designs. Their company has designed hundreds of consumer products for many companies that are house hold names. They spoke about the future of design, and how being passionate about what all us users do, will contribute to the future of the products that are developed. They showcased many of the products they were approached to refine, and by thinking outside the box, and taking a broad look at the item, were able to redesign it into a reborn successful product. All in all it was a very inspiring keynote address. Since they were the keynote, they had a one hour speech which took up most of the session, so no sneak peaks of 2007 or suprize guest today.

My morning session was "Lost in translation: using animator to sell ideas, share complex information, and aquire funding."

This was an excellent presentation. It was given by Valerie Fatherley of the Los Alamos National Labratory. While Valerie seemed to be a little nearvous at first, she quickly had everyones attention with her very complex and very professional looking animations. I will definately be looking forward to seeing her presentation on the SW World 2006 CD Rom.

Lunch is next, and they are whats called "Birds of a feather luncheons". They color code the tables by industry so that you can spend your lunch talking shop with people that do the same thing you do, its a great way to gain insight on how other users complete the same tasks that you do. Today im going to sit at the User Group table to get more ideas on how to make my group more successful.

After lunch 2 more sessions, and then its off to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway for a night of drag racing, food, games, and music. Should be a good time.

On that note, I will try to post the day 3 afternoon thought when I get back to my hotel, so it may be a little on the late side.

Wish you were all here!!

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Well, Mike, I will be on the exhibition floor tomorrow. I'll be spending the whole day examining the 3rd party offerings.

I'll try to take notes and offer quips back here tomorrow night.


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