Solidworks World Day 2 Morning Session (and day 1 afternoon)

Well things here in New Orleans continue to get more and more exciting! The second half of Day 1 was packed with nothing but pure information sessions. Its great to be able to sit in on a tech session, and when you ask a question, the person answering is most likely the the engineer that wrote that module for SW.

I sat thru a presentation on configurations, and one on advanced modeling, and I walked away from both of them with plenty of new info.

Monday night is CSWP night. Being that I passed my test on Sunday, I was invited to go along and attend the event. The sessions wrapped up at about 5:30, and then the partner Pavilion opened for another reception party. More free snacks, beer, and wine, were in plentiful supply, The registration line for the CSWP event was about 40-50 people, but went pretty quick. Once at the table I got my certificate, shirt, and binder all branded with the CSWP logo. We also all got to sign a variable pitch propeller that was designed in SW.

At 7:45 we boarded a bus, and drove about 3 blocks to the event. This year it was held at a restruant/bar called The Foundry. They had a great live band, open bar, and great snacks. There was a prize give-a- way for a contest of submitted models. Along with heading up the whole certification program, the certification team did a great job of party planning also. A big thanks to Jeremy Luchini and his team for all they have done here this week.

So onto day 2!

Woz was the word of the day. Here is a guy that was able to speak for over an hour, and never take a breath! Anyways, he spoke about how his visions of computing and electronics in his childhood, led him to where he is at today. He could have easily went for a few more hours. The session opened with a video that talked about the 30,000 seat SW purchace made by the country of Norway. They showed kids in school designing and modeling chairs in SW. They decided that every student should have SW training as part of their schooling. They then introduced the minister of education for Rwanda. He spoke of his countries desire to eradicate poverty by the year 2020. One of the things they are doing to reach that goal, is training student in SW to help them become the first generation of educated engineers. It was great to see the passion in this guy, they are certainly searious about what they are doing.

So now that lunch is just about over, it onto the afternoon session which for me means two hands on sessions, and one sit down class. Then at 6:15 we board the busses to head across the river to Mardi Gras World (it is actually named world too). Its amazing to see the logistics involved in getting 2500 people bussed out of here in no time at all!

So being that tonight will obviously be another late night, I will post a wrap up of today, along with tomorrows morning session. Tomorrows session is what everyone is talking about, Whats New in SW

2008? We shall find out in no time at all.

Thanks for following along.

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