SW World 2006 Day 1

Well after a night of drinking and dancing, I woke up nice and early (7am after getting to bed at 2:30am). I headed over to Ceasars to register, and to take the CSWP exam. The test started at about 8:30am, and I finished at 3:30. The first person done finished about 3:00, so you can tell how long of a test it was. We will find out on monday morning if we passed. All in all, I felt I did pretty good, and im hoping that I passed. If I did, it will be off to the CSWP off-site event on monday night. The details of the event hasnt been released, so hopefully I will be eligible to go!

Im posting this from the internet kiosk inside the partner pavilion. There was a welcome reception tonight here. There was an open bar, appetizers, and pasta dinner. I had heard that in years past there wasnt enough food to go around, but that is not the case here what so ever! There are about 100 booths here with all kinds of imaginable add-on products.

Tomorrow will be the opening day with the keynote in the morning, and technical presentations untill 5:00pm. Then hopefully I will be off to the CSWP event!

I will post some more notes and highlights tomorrow night if time permits. Untill then, its back to the roulette table and another night of fun!

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