SWW Dinner?

Any chance that we can get together for dinner, or some other time, at SWW? I would love to be able to buy a drink for a number of the regulars here. Monday evening would seem to be the most obvious time, since some folks won't get in till Sunday night, some will leave Wednesday afternoon, and Tuesday night is the special event. Does anyone have some good ideas about when and where to go?

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Planning on a night out is tough because Monday evening is the CSWP special event. And you KNOW that the cream of the crop here will be attending that event..... (Ok, flame and rubber suit on.) :-)

Seriously though, the user group meeting is 4:30 - 6:30, then the Pavilion is open, then the CSWP event. And,,,,,I don't want to miss out on the gathering you are suggesting. (Terribly self-centered, eh?)

So what about after the Pavilion closes Sunday night? We could meet at the registration desk, or something and just find a place. Thoughts?

Oh, I am also staying the night on Wed because of the lateness of getting back into KC at night.


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There always seem to be a reception Sunday & Monday evening which includes enough food that I make it work for dinner. Maybe we could meet up during one of those (and after the users group meeting). Then we could proceed to the bar or some other suitable venue and get together???


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A really good place to meet is near the user group booth in the exhibit hall. W could spend a few minutes discussing the Sacramento area before you all head out.

(sorry, couldn't resist)


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Sounds like Monday night isn't such a good idea.

We don't get in to the airport until 8:38 PM, so it would have to be a pretty late gathering. We probably couldn't count on getting together until

10 or so. Doesn't leave a lot of time for getting to know one another. If no other time works, I'm willing, though.

We fly out at 9:16. I'm guessing we don't have to leave for the airport until 7:45 or so. We don't have any sessions after 3:45, but some folks might. If so, 5:30 to 7:45 isn't much time either. How about the others who are interested?

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