Solidworks World Day .5

Solidworks World 2007 Day .5

So why day .5 and not day one? Well the conference doesn't officially kick off until Monday, so we will stick with the terminology!

Anyhow, for me today was all about the CSWP exam. After walking 6 blocks to the convention center, I find the registration area, and check in. This year the goodie bag is an actual tote bag. So instead of a t-shirt, we all have a nice looking bag to take all our goods along with us for the week.

The convention center looks pretty good. Not a sign at all of what happened here in 2005. The place is very large, and there are three floors to spread out all the break out sessions. At 2 pm the partner pavilion opened. I spent the first hour in the Solidworks booth manning the User Group Kiosk, and got to meet some interesting people. The pavilion is very spacious compared to last year, so its very easy to get around. All the usual players are here: HP,

3DConnexion, AMD...... There was plenty of finger food, beer, and wine to go around.

At 4:30 it was time to head over to the Superbowl party sponsored by HP. I will say they did a fantastic job, lots of Creole style food, and again plenty of free beer and wine!

So that's day .5, its pretty much a day to do pre conference stuff, and tomorrow morning at 8am, the real fun begins!

Oh, and if your wondering about the CSWP exam, I passed, so I get to go to the offsite event with them tomorrow night!

Keep an eye out tomorrow afternoon for a round up of day 1 morning session!

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How did you find out that you passed? They said the grades would be emailed, but I still haven't received anything. Did they post them on the bulletin board?

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SW Monkey

As far as I have heard, they were up untill about 11 lastnight getting the grades finished. There was also going to be a poster near registration showing scores. As of now (1:00 local) they are setting up the registration area for tonights CSWP event. There is someone there that would be able to answer your question if you havent heard yet. Good luck

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I never did get the email, but I did check the board this morning and I passed. I waited in line to get my certificate and t shirt at

5:30. I later realized someone else received a CSWP folder. I went back and they gave me one. Did they give anything else away?
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SW Monkey

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