LDRS Report - Day 2

The day started out much more organized. This is a huge event and it takes
an equally huge effort to get it rolling. The BRS club really got it going.
There were lines and sometimes it took quite awhile to get through a rack.
It looked to me like the attendance was up to around 500. I've heard some of
the vendors say that they were selling out of several things like motors.
The away cell was very busy. I lost count of all the M flights. Dutch
launched the Marvin rocket again on another M. This time it was the Hypertek
M970. His record is still going.
There was an M tetrahedron that was impressive. He made it out of bare wood
and didn't consider the Krushnick effect. It was a blaze on the way down and
looked like an Apollo capsule as it was re entering the atmosphere.
The M's were dwarfed by several N flights. These were some pretty impressive
flights. Sorry, no details here.
One guy has been getting a HUGE upscale Mosquito ready. I don't know the
scale factor, but it's at least 12 feet tall. It looks like it has a 75mm
central mount and four 54mm mounts.
It was raining bowling balls today. I guessing there was 8 of them. At least
4 of them shredded. There was two impressive flights and one that looked
real weak. The better balls were shot from a giant tube like a cannon. OK,
yes. Mine was one that shredded. It drag separated as the thrust started to
die down. It is reparable so she will fly again tomorrow. Thos CTI I540
motors were the ticket. The AT I600 looked authoritive as well but more
people went with the CTI motor.
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No, I didn't. The fit between the ball and the shroud/boat tail is machined to a press-fit tolerance. I thought that it would be enough. The problem was that the CFD ran on it was with using an I284. The CTI I540 gave me much more speed and the vacuum behind the ball was MUCH greater.
Besides, those pins are not mine. They are for testing. I'll pick some up on the field today.
I spent half the night fixing it up. She's about ready to go again. I hope the other guys were able to fix theirs.
Off to the field....
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The I600R is quite impressive as well due to the RED flame. In the stand, the flame (did I say RED?) was about a foot across all the way down to the concrete. It's one of the first one second burn motors that I've seen that seems to actually burn for 2 or 3 seconds as the burn leaves an afterimage while you are watching it.
Nice motor!
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