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I am new to event programming and am having problems figuring out how to create a program that will run another program whenever the save or saveas command is used. Does anyone know of sample code that would point me in the right direction?

Thanks, Kyle

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There's an example for events on SW-site...that's a good start. I think it was for VB.

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Markku Lehtola

If you want to constantly monitor for events, you should make an add-in. Keeping a macro on to monitor events eats up a lot of processor bandwidth and is not as reliable.

Get familiar with the "Withevents" option when defining object variables. You need to specify this, or you simply will have no access to an object's event triggers.

I have a VB6 template for creating addins from macros. It is on my website somewhere, . (I can't remember the exact link, I am in China at the moment and can not get access to my own site over the "Great Firewall of China".)

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You can also download the SW2006 SDK from solidworks this will automatically setup an addin and gives you the options to setup events and the like

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