Automatic part numbering

I'm looking at a new implimiation and wanted to know if there is any
method for automatic part numbering. I'm going to have a team of 5+ and
would like to have at PDM check or model creation a part number
automatically assigned, similar to how Windchill does it. Does anyone
know of such a thing in the SW world?
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DBWorks. Auto-number can be created using file location (folder structure), by project number, category code (i.e. Engine, Casting, Machined = 11223-00-344), sequential "dumb" number, etc....
Link the model to the drawing and multiple drawings originating from the same model will result in the automatic creation and numbering of drawings (i.e. Model = 12345.sldprt -- As you create drawings the first one is 12345, second one is 12345_1, third one is 12345_2.
Check out Model or Drawing and you will be advised that there are three linked files which will need changing.
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You could do this as a SolidWorks addin application when saving the document to file.
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