AutoLisp-need block help

I am trying to write an AutoLisp routine that will in part, create a block.
The problem is that when I create the block, the
original entities used for the block creation disappear.
The block create command used at the command prompt calls up
a window (called "block definition" ) with various selections on it, 3 of
them being to "retain", "convert to block" or
"delete" the objects selected for the new block to be created.
How can I set this in AutoLisp so that the creation of my new block does
not erase the original entities selected? Is this a system variable?
( can't find it in my AC2000 textbook )
Here is a bit of the code I have:
( princ "\nSelect the items for the new block" )
( setq SS ( ssget ))
( setq BP ( getpoint "\nget the insertion point of the block") )
( command ".block" "ablock" BP SS "" )
Then the original items erase.
Thanks for any help
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The OOPS command will bring them back. ___
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Paul Turvill
Thanks Paul, I will try that.
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