BasicCad to AutoLisp

Looking for help in converting old BasicCad programs to Autolisp programs.
I have found many (old and useful) programs used in our old design software
(DesignCad 6.0) and would like to be able to use them within AutoCAD.
Any help would be appreciated (websites/newsgroups/links etc.)
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John Smith
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HiHo; You might search some of the lisp sites and find the program has been written already. A good source is
formatting link
and search the "get the code" section. A google search for "lisp autocad" yeilds many more sources. Also I am not sure which version of autocad is being used at your shop but the express tools found in R14 tru 2004 is a usefull addition. Also
formatting link
a lisp site with lots of help.
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