Wanted: AutoLISP routine to snap line vertices to nearest point on a polyline

I am looking for an AutoLISP routine for use in AutoCAD 2007. The
routine needs to:
-- Look through an entire drawing, including inside of block
-- Find all lines on a given layer
-- Move (snap) the vertices of said line to the nearest vertex of a
polyline on a different layer
So, basically, said routine needs to go through an entire drawing,
including looking inside block definitions... find all lines on a
layer of a given name, say "GUIDE_LINES"... snap the vertices of
these lines to the nearest vertex of a polyline on a different layer,
Basically, the reasoning behind this is that we have some external
software that we need to feed the resulting DXF... said software needs
to have the points of our "GUIDE_LINES" layer matched exactly to
points of the polyline shapes on our "MAIN_SHAPE" layer (those aren't
the final layer names, but just for example).
Hope this makes sense. Would be willing to purchase a pre-existing
tool or pay a sensible fee to anyone willing to provide such a script.
Pretty urgent, so would appreciate any responses.
Many thanks in advance!
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Andrew Thelwell
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