lisp to count polyline ends

Hi all
I have a drawing of a network of road centrelines as a series of polylines.
I need to count up the number of dead ends, and separately the number of 2,
3 or 4 way intersections. At an intersection typically, there are a number
(2-4) of these polylines ending at the same point.
I guess what I'm chasing is a way of doing this by lisp; the drawing I have
is for large areas of a city and thus would take a very long time to count
by hand; I imagine a lisp that inserts one type of block anywhere that more
than one polyline ends at one point, and another type block anywhere where
only one polyline ends at that point. Then I can just count the blocks. I'm
on AutoCAD 2004 and 2007.
Is this possible? Does anyone have a lisp that already does this or could be
easily modded to do it? Or is there another clever way to do this that I'm
not thinking about?
David M
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