lisp or script to process a batch of drawings

Hi Guys,

I need to process about 3000 3d .dwg files as follows:

set the BASE varible to 0,0,0.

scale everything in the drawings from metric to english units (scale factor: 1/25.4 or .03937). Base point for scaling would be 0,0,0.

What is the best way to go about this? I do not have much lisp experience.

Thank You,


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Use a script:

*** base 0,0,0, scale all

0,0,0 10/254


The advantage of a script over LISP is that you can use the OPEN and CLOSE commands more efficiently than with LISP. Use a tool like ScriptPro to create your script to include the list of files that need to be processed. ___

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Paul Turvill

You might want to save at the end too.


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Michael Bulatovich

I really need to 'market' my application I wrote that creates plotting and custom script files. (:

I can send plot file directly to any network printer, write custom script, (we also use it to create PLT files to import into our ReproDesk app for plotting)... etc.

Allows you to select any number of files... add to that or remove files.

Allows you (if you want) to write common 'script' lines... this gets applied to each selected file.

It's a bit 'tweaked' for my company and what we do. Would be nice to make it sort of general for all.

Oh well... in your case, manually creating script files is probably the way to go for now.


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Mr. B

Thanks...I installed the migration tools and will try ScriptPro...

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Is there a way to take the BASE command value and use it to move the items to 0,0,0 before redefining the BASE value?

these blocks were written out of a large drawing and I'd like each file to be set with a common point at 0,0,0.



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