Layer State Manager

Autocad 2009:
Have saved a state manager and it appears as it should, when I go back later
and pick it and hit the restore button the box disappears and nothing is
changed. Go back and it says layer state does not match. Any Ideas?
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Charles Shade
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It appears that either a new layer (or layers) was (or were) created or a layer (or layers) was (or were) purged. Layers can be created in startup in ACAD200xDOC.lsp, ACAD.lsp (with ACADLSPASDOC set to 1), or a routine than one of them loads at startup. Because of the volatility of layer states, I find that they really don't work very well except for the immediate drawing session. There is always somebody in the crowd that loves to create layers for whatever or for no reason at all, and you can't get them to stop. Because of that, LMAN is something that if you want to use it, fine, go ahead, but after somebody else has been in the drawing, you'll have to fix your layer states. Bill DeShawn
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Bill DeShawn

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