Layer precedence?

Is it possible to specify that lines drawn on one layer appear on top
of another layer? For example, I have three layers. Layer 1 should
appear on top of Layer 2, and Layer 2 should appear on top of Layer 3.
If I hide Layer 2, Layer 1 should still be on top of Layer 3. (using
AutoCAD 2006)
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Mr. B
No - at least not out of the box. Unbelievable isn't it!?! I think it's top of the current wishlists though.
Back in September 2003 Cadalyst posted a routine that lets you change the draworder of all the objects on a given layer. I haven't used it, but it must be pretty straightforward so it should work with your version, and it might go some way towards what you're trying to achieve.
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