Layer control

Thanks in advance.
I need some advice on turning layers on/off??
As I dont yet fully understand filters etc, is there a way of turning off
all layers at once without going through each one and turning out the light.
I have a drawing with 150 layers and it gets a bit of a drag. I cant find
anything in Autocad bible. Again thanks in advance
Jim Williams
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Jim Williams
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Click on the top one. Go to the bottom one and Shift-Click on it. All will be switched.
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B. W. Salt.
If your layer-naming convention incorporates logical prefixes or suffixes then the command line version of the LAYER command beats the pants off the dialogue box (Wildcards.......) and can be incorporated into custom buttons to switch off whole groups in one click.
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Michael Bulatovich
What he said. ;)
...and an enter or two will turn off all but the current layer. If you're not familiar with the command line, look into it. There are many things in Acad that are much quicker (assuming some keyboard dexterity) than going through menus, icons, etc.
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Or select one layer, type Ctrl-A and all will be selected.
or use the layer command.
The isolate layer command that comes with express tools is usefull to.
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Tim Arheit
Don't forget right cliking after the layer dialogue box comes up, this will give you a series of options including isolating the current layer.
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