Filters - now and then

I am in the middle of a large project documenting computer data outlets and
GPOs. At the end of each drawing, I have to total up the number of each
type of outlet and GPO. I have set up saved filters to do this, by looking
for the block names.
The problem is, the filters seem to come and go without any reason;
sometimes a drawing will never have the filters, but another drawing in the
same folder will. Sometimes it will not have the filters but will have the
next time it is opened....
Mostly when I complete a drawing I Saveas to a new name, as this brings all
my settings, blocks, layers, and (hopefully) filters. I am unable to see
any pattern to why the filters aren't consistently available. Using Autocad
Any ideas?
Thanks in advance
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Yes, of course, should have thought of that. Was looking for the cause of the problem rather than a way around it.
Your method is in fact quicker and have set it up to give me a list I can copy & paste into my billing.
Hello, As you use the Autocad filters, i don't now where they are saved, and how Autocad manage it. But you should make it in lisp adapting what follows :
(defun c:MyEnddrawingFilter ( / sel)
;;1st filter (setq sel (ssget "x" '((0 . "INSERT")(2 . "myInsertName1")))) (Prompt "\nNumber of myInsertName1 :") (print (sslength sel)) ;;2nd filter (setq sel (ssget "x" '((0 . "INSERT")(2 . "myInsertName2")))) (Prompt "\nNumber of myInsertName2 :") (print (sslength sel)) ;;here you can define 3rd filter to n filter
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filters are kept in the drawing file if you open up a drawing in notepad or other text editor you can actually see them among the or data filters seem to trnsfer from drawing to drawing thru copy paste at times no reason but it does. I have been cleaning out my filters on the large projects since they take up so much room 3 meg file becomes 1.8 megs also some filters I have recieved in others drawings make no sence to me to keep since they do not pertain to what I am doing. thank god that 2004 came out with delete filters all in they layers options so you don't have to 1 at a time
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Bjorn Pedersen

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