Am transmitter - vlsi project

I need to design an AM transmitter as a vlsi project (it needs to be
located on smart dust later on).
Does anyone have any good suggestions were to start from? I am familiar
with vlsi, but don't really know how to implement such a big idea, into
a vlsi simulation and circuit design.
Looking on trasmitter's schemes didn't help, 'cause that's all
resistors, amplifiers and capacitors. How do I translate it into vlsi
Be very glad to any guidance...
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On 10/26/06 9:40 AM, in article, "hananl" wrote:
That is why you have the project. Go to the (horrors) library to look up ARRL publications. They will have fairly simple explanations on how transmitters work. Because of modern developments, older versions of the ARRL handbook may me more useful than recent ones.
Have FUN!
Bill -- Fermez le Bush
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Salmon Egg
limit your project the minimum stages necessary to produce amplitude modulation: oscillator, audio amp, modulation section, RF amplifier/buffer.
realize that certain components must be external to the Very Large Scale Integrated chip such as crystal and coils.
will a power supply be part of this or will a DC voltage source be assumed?
will it be frequency agile or fixed? power requirement?
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