Hotkey stopped working

I just installed LDD 3 on my Toshiba Laptop running Win XP. Although LDD
runs fine, everytime I boot up the laptop I get the error message "Hotkey
utility stopped working, windows needs to close program".
I never used hotkey and I don't know anything about it. I changed the
compatibility to Win 2000, I still get the error. Any advice will be
appreciated. Please reply to newsgroup.
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john smith
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Does your computer have special email, internet, music etc keys? Those are the keys probably referred to. (IMHO) LDD probably screwed up the files for those keys or overwrote a dll file with a different one with the same name. If you don't use those keys, run msconfig and stop the special keyboard program that activates those keys. Although you can theoretically reinstall the keyboard software, that could screw up LDD. That means you have to chose, and I'm guessing LDD is more important to you than hotkeys.
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