Help - Cannot find VBA6.MSI ?

Have SW installed and working for main login on my PC. (XP Pro)
Have another user who occasionally wants into SW, but likes working from his
own login on the same PC (No network, just 2 diff users on the same PC).
Every time we try and start it from this second login, it says that vba has
not been installed, please insert disc containing the file vba6.msi.
I have VBA on this machine(office XP).
Can't find vba6.msi on any installation discs (Office XP, 2000, or SW 2004)
or on my hard drive.
If I click cancel, a Windows installation dialog comes up, saying that
Windows is configuring Office XP, please wait. This completes and closes,
then the SW splash hangs on my screen for several moments, before an error
message appears telling me SW has encountered an error and cannot start.
Anybody have an idea of what I need to do to get this running?
Thanks in advance
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