RCX2.0 USB on Windows XP

I have a nice fast Windows XP and all looks fine except I can't use the USB
Tower.... it connects to PC ok, I can view info/diagnostics which say its OK
from the Control Panel (the drivers installed ok - though they are from 2001
?). But if I use the RIS 2.0 or BRICX (latest) - when configuring the Tower
it freezes my machine totally. Screen freezes, cant do COntrol Alt Delete or
anything, basically hit the reboot switch on front of the box. I have tried
everything including unplugging all other COM's and USB devices
(printer/scanner) to no avail.
I have surfed the next for a updated XP driver and can't find anything ?
Anyone else had this problem and fixed it....
PS: my daughters machine has Win98se and works fine - though I would prefer
to use my office machine.
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