GRRRRR! Not support XP!

What the heck kind of garbage is that?
I emailed asking them for help with my USB tower problem, and
all they can tell me is that "The product was not designed nor developed for
the Windows XP operating system, and is not supported in Windows XP. We
cannot guarantee the functionality of the program in that OS. There are no
updates available for the program for XP. "
That's it! No further suggestions, no nothing.
Some of you MUST be using mindstorm with winXP! How the heck did you set it
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Mark and Lenise Best
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No problems here (no special steps to do anything except get vision command running). XP does have win98, and win95 compatability mode. Just right click the icon then hit properties. Its somewhere in there.
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I thought had an XP patch?
Oh, and I heard somewhere that you can use cygwin32 + other tools to control the IR tower by emulating linux ...
but yeah, saying no to Windows XP support is just boneheadedly stupid on their part ...
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The Dude
It can be done. The subject came up several times in this newsgroup so i suggest you use a search engine like google and search this newsgroup. And also look at the Lego website and search for a XP patch to prevent an annoying startup problem.
MSX & X10 & 6502 & Philips bouwdozen & sales:
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An XP patch is at the front page of mindstorms web:
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I have heard of a problem with USB tower and PC's with hyper threating (virtual dual processors). The patch does not solve this issue. It may help to disable hyper threating in PC BIOS. Otherwise, get a serial tower from
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Of course, Lego ought to get this act together! There is also problems with XP and Lego Studios. Stupid.
- Thomas Hoeg-Jensen
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Thomas Hoeg-Jensen
This probably won't help, but you might want to try the RoboLAB software (get it from Lego DACTA). I got a RoboLAB kit for my kids for Christmas and we have had no real problems with the tower and USB under XP. There is a bug in the walk-throughs that requires you to move some files, but it is documented on the LEGO website.
RoboLAB is a software package for LEGO designed to teach school aged children robotics. It requires more up-front work than Mindstorms, but is far more powerful. Good luck.
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Damien Gray

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