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LEGO 3D Milling Machine
Saw this in another group, could not resist re-posting here: Given that it's Easter today, can't resist the temptation to compare it to the Eggbot - similar design principal, different end effector of...
9 years ago
RCX firmware download problem
Hi. I hope someone can help me with a problem with getting an original RCX 1.0 system working with a current PC. I bought the RCX 1.0 system back in (I think) 2000 but its been in storage a long time....
10 years ago 2
LEGO Mindstorms NXT 2.0 Alpha Rex with Visual Basic Programming Interface
I need help with programming the Lego Robot commands like forward, backward, left, right commands with Visual Basic 2008 interface I created, I am fairly new to this, and wished I had more programming...
11 years ago 5
Cybermaster 8482
Denmark, The land of Lego :D ------------------------------------- Hi everyone As other on this site I haven't been able to get the CD for the old Lego technic cybermaster, Can anybody help? Lego...
11 years ago 3
NXT and Linux
I found instructions for using the NXT controller with Linux scattered here and there, so I?ve put together an up-to-date description here . The NXT_Python toolkit is really handy. I used it to build...
12 years ago
LNPD -- can't get it to work.
Hello. I'm new to robotics and recently bought a Mindstorms RCX kit that I found at a good price (about 80$, new! a local store was selling things they had had on stock for a long time). The first...
12 years ago 1
Ada now available on MINDSTORMS NXT
I'm pleased to announce that Ada () is now available on MINDSTORMS NXT through GNAT GPL: GNAT GPL Ada development environment is a Free Software toolset targeting the FLOSS and Academic communities....
12 years ago
Mindstorm 'Ultimate Builders Set' CD help
Hello, Just wondering if anyone has the cd for the mindstorm [old] 'Ultimate Builders Set' - # 3800-1 i have lost mine and lego can help ? Thanks in advance Keith Keet schrieb: I *should* have one...
12 years ago 1
Help with Setting up environment to program Lego Mindstorms NXT
Hi all, A few months ago I was happy as kid on Christmas! I finally bought a Lego Mindstorms NXT. I had big dreams of building a robot that could fetch me a beer from the fridge. After messing around...
13 years ago 1
Cheapest place to buy Mindstorms NXT
Hi, I think we're going to buy Minstorms NXT for the kids for Christmas. I see it's $250 nearly everywhere. Is there some common knowledge about how to get a better price? Is there a good store that...
13 years ago 1
LEGO Mindstorm upgrade for Windows Vista is not free
The version 1.0 for LEGO Mindstorm does not support Windows Vista. There is a version 1.1 available only you have to pay euro 20 for this version. We find it very frustating that in 2008: 1 - you can...
13 years ago
Legoland CD-ROM
To Whom It May Concern: I have quick question about the CD-ROM called "Legoland," one of the older computer games. I know that it was originally designed for Windows 95/95, but is there any way to get...
13 years ago 2
Older RCX and Linux - help please
I have an RCX 1.0 brick and a 9-pin serial IR tower. I'd like to use C and if possible leave the brick firmware as it is, but I can't find NQC for Linux anymore. If I can't use Linux, I'd have to use...
14 years ago 1
tracks and sprocket question
Hi gang, I'm looking at spare parts item w991369 at lego ed ()..I was wondering if it was possible to hook regular lego bricks ontot he track part? anyone know? I know the old chain links and conveyer...
14 years ago 1
HiTechnic color sensor - any experience?
Hi folks, I;ve been working with the hitechnic color sensor, and have been having VERY poor results - it is no better at resolving colors than the standard lego sensors. I was wonderinf if anyone else...
14 years ago