freezeing vs off a layer

So both freezeing and turning a layer off hide the layer on the screen....
and prevent it from plotting..... what about when I save the file... is the
layer not saved if it is off or frozen..... please explain the differences
between freezing, off, in regards to saving and inserting a block which may
have layers which are designated as off in the drawing it is coming
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Have you looked in the help? It is covered well.
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Michael Bulatovich
both leave all items in tact, just not visible. off means the items are still in memory & are regenerated & if drawing in 3d they will hide items behind them, Freeze means the items isn't there at all until thawed out. if you are only drawing simple 2d, then they would be practicly the same to you
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I just wanted to add that blocks have nested objects on non-0 layers are greatly affected by off vs. freeze.
If a block is on a frozen layer, ALL of it's subentities are also frozen, regardless of their layer. If the block's layer is turned OFF, it's subentities are controlled by their respective layer, not the block's insertion layer.
There is a speed difference, as well. Freezing decreases regen times, Off does not. When a layer is off, it's objects are regenerated, when frozen, they are not.
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