Defpoints Layer

Funny old layer, Defpoints.
I sometimes put drawing information that I don't want to print onto layer
Defpoints (occasionally I have entities on layer Defpoints within a block).
I have noticed in AutoCAD14 that if you turn off layer Defpoints, the
entities remain on screen and can still be selected and edited, which seems
If you freeze the layer Defpoints (in AutoCAD14), the entities still remain
on screen, but cannot be selected or edited.
To take the entities on layer Defpoints off screen (in AutoCAD14), layer 0
has to be turned off or frozen.
From AutoCAD 2002 on, the entities on layer Defpoints are removed from the
screen when the Defpoints layer is switched off or frozen.
I can't find much information on layer Defpoints in the AutoCAD manuals.
Anyone care to explain exactly how the layer Defpoints works in AutoCAD14
and later versions?
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I would generally suggest not to put drawing entities onto the DEFPOINTS layer. This layer is used from AutoCAD itself for internal purpose(s) (Defpoints of dimensions). I would say "Hands off". Since ACAD 2000 you can give - if necessary - any layer(s) a "not plot" property.
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Jürgen Palme
Seems to me you just did.
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Michael Bulatovich
Close, was I?
I thought I might have missed something deeply meaningful and significant.
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The block entities on the Defpoints layer are notes and information around the border of our company drawing sheets, put there to assist users in using the sheets correctly. There has never been a problem.
True, but given the choice, I prefer to use a heavily customised version of AutoCAD14 for most 2D drawing work.
I leave drooling over the latest AutoCAD release to the upgrade junkies :-)
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FWIW: I draw on the defpoints layer set to color "7" (white). This and layer "0" are the only layers with a white color. I change my work to the appropriate layers frequently and anything that's still a white color I know is on the wrong layer.
If I'm drawing all supply ductwork or all power circuits then I do change to the correct layers before I draw, but drawing details I draw in defpoints and transfer the work later. (Not several days)
Jürgen Palme wrote:
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Janice G
Not that I can tell.
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Michael Bulatovich

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