How to remember block settings ?

I have quick question and I pretty sure that it's easy but I can't
found solution!
I quite often work on blocks and before I do anything I have to
prepare my blocks to look clear, so I freeze layers which I don't
need. When my block looks OK, I save block and came back to actual
But when I need to open once again my block it look exactly as at the
Does someone know how to setup block that it will remember my changes
(especially layers which were froze) and when I open my block again
and again it will look how I save it last time.
Thanks for any help!
Sorry for my English!
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If you were talking about trying to save changes to an "xref" dwg -- not a "block" -- I might be able to help you. If you're truly working with a block, though, unfortunately I can't offer much help at this time. (I would suspect, though, that the block was created without floating properties made possible with BYLAYER and BYBLOCK settings. You might also explore the ATTREDEF command but read up on it first, using "Help", as it redefines a block and updates associated attributes... while removing any format or property changes with the ATTEDIT or EATTEDIT commands).
If, by chance, you're making changes to an "xref" drawing's layers (freezing, changing colors, etc.) within a host/current drawing and those changes aren't permanently saved within the host drawing's layer table beyond one session (meaning when you re-open the host drawing it has reverted back to the original xref-dependent layer settings), then you need to look into a system variable called "VISRETAIN".
To make xref-dependent layer changes (made in the host/current drawing) take precedence, type in "visretain" and set the value to "1". Layer settings will then be saved with the current drawing's layer table and persist from session to session.
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I perhaps should have mentioned that I am trying to work on my blocks using the block editor option and everytime I return to view my block in block editor all the layers are showing again.
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On 4/21/07 I read:
Try this -- When you have the layers setup just the way you want click Express-->Layers--> Layer Manager. Click Save in the dialogue box and name the layer state. Now when you need to restore that layer state to work on the blocks you mention go through the layer manager and choose restore. Hope this is what you're looking for. I use this scenario alot in ACAD.
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