Archiweb 2.0

I am trying to find a point of synthesis between the computer science
experience, that I have constructed through my job, and my studies of
architecture, between translate in an entrepreneurial plan. Therefore
I have decided, to introduce my idea to the competition "rewards the
promoted idea" from the Province of Turin. In two words, what I have
intention to make, it is one study of virtual architecture, opened to
the various professionals. That is, on one side, there will be the
possibility of being able to find professionals to which entrusting
assignments, it is from part of the private ones, than from part of
companies, studies, etc. From the other, the possibility of being able
to have use of of instruments, that they improve your production
process, which CAD, software to render, video communication, etc. That
is, a suite of products, that they allow two professionals, to work
entirety, even if they are physically far. I, that I am of Turin,
must be able to work with the professional of Kyoto, or Rome, like if
we were seated to the same writing desk. What I ask to you is, in the
case you find my idea interesting, also to only explore, to go on:
formatting link
And to grant
them your ballot.
My idea is called Archiweb 2.0
P.S.: In the case, someone of you was interested to participate to its
realization, is very accepts.
Best Regards,
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