White lines over aerial photo print black?

I imported an aerial photo black and white TIFF image into AutoCAD and
put it under a line drawing (light penset lines over the TIFF image).
The goal is to have white lines over the aerial photo. However,
whenever I print it out, the lines turn out black on top of the photo.
What do I need to do to get the lines to be white and sit on top?
Operating System: Windows 2000
AutoCAD version: 2002
Plotter: Synergix (not sure of the model off-hand)
Thanks in advance,
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There are many issues involved here, so I'll just tell you how I do it. I have a pen style (using named styles) which is 0% screened black, which is equivalent to white. With HP plotters, there is a setting for pens overwriting each other or not, I think it's called merge control, or some such. (For line drawings, this would generally be set off, so screened lines don't block out full black lines.)
Hope that helps.
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White by default always prints black in autocad (as you have found out). To print white we use a plot style table and define a style that has a custom color of white (rather than use object color).
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Tim Arheit
We do a lot of aerial work, the other solutions made it sound harder than it actually is. To make your lines print white make them color 255, (at just the default settings I believe). To make sure they show up on top of the photo, first use draworder to send the image to the back and then secondly when you plot, go into the properties of the plotter you have selected - I believe the option usually shows up in there under the "Graphics" tab - turn 'Lines Merge' to 'Lines Overwrite'
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I'd have to disagree with your notion that "the other solutions made it sound harder than it actually is". While I'm sure color 255 works great for your setup, that is NOT universally true. (Not knocking your suggestion, just trying to clarify that 255 doesn't gaurantee anything.)
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