White text plots black?

I just created some text, colored it white, placed it against a dark green background (solid hatch), brought the text up front using Draworder -- and thought I had it whipped. Wrong. The text prints black.

I then turned the text into True Color 255,255,255 and got same results.

254,254,254 yields the same.

Index color 255 yields the same.

I am using acad.ctb, using object color option, and assigning 0% to that color screening.

In paper space I have "display plot styles" selected.

Any suggestions?

Len Miller

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"Fatfreek" wrote in news:d8WdnUpQ-6 snipped-for-privacy@arkansas.net:

It sounds like you are trying to print white. :) I don't have any white ink in my plotter, think about that for just one minute.

That's better. I see you don't have any white ink either.

White always prints black.

What I bet you want is to leave the white paper unprinted on a green background - a reverse image.

Or, perhaps a REAL LIGHT TAN on a color printer. Don't know, I don't use the color cartridges for my plotter.

Good luck.


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Roy Knapp

Here's what finally worked for me.

Changed text to Index Color of White (color 7). Created new plot style table from acad.ctb (I called it WhiteText.ctb), changing one value there -- at color 7 change screening value to 0.

By the way, doing the above two steps with Index Color 255 does not work (for me).


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"Fatfreek" wrote in news: snipped-for-privacy@arkansas.net:


Now tell me why screening worked, or not. I think if you explore more this will work with any color. You are plotting a BLANK when the screening set is to zero.

Color 255 has some special attributes, I seem to remember. Try any color under 200 and I believe screening to zero will give the same result.

Also, different plotters, different drivers. When you wander of the reservation you get inconsistent results.

I plot to an ENCAD plotter, and would love to use screening, but the company I send my final plots to uses a software which renders all screening as solid black.

Bummer. My check sets looked great and my finals, the ones I pay for, the ones the client sees, looked awful.

I gave up on screening till the rest of the world catches up with my drivers. So, I was uncertain if screening would solve your problem.

Good luck,


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Roy Knapp

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