Hidden lines,........


I have a drawing with about 1200 line and arc, and want to know the best way to check for duplicated line.

I mean line hidden under another.



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Patrick Bel
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If you have Express Tools try Overkill. Otherwise do a google search for deletedup.

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Chip Harper

Sorry, did even think before that I shouldn't attach files....anyway, here's the lisp code that should solve your problem....

(defun C:DUPDEL ( / del ss en en_n el_n ei en_i el_i elist etyp lay llist ans1 ans2 ans3 n n1 i d done nohand xdata fuzz p10 p11 elr filter layers) (gc) (prompt "\nDUPDEL.LSP v1.2 (c)1993-1997, John F. Uhden, CADvantage") (setvar "cmdecho" 1) ; dummy command to prevent Undoing of previous command (setq i 0 n1 0 d 0) (if (> (getvar "cvport") 1) (setq filter '((67 . 0))) (setq filter '((67 . 1))) ) (defun del () (setq ss (ssdel ei ss) d (1+ d) n (1- n) i (1- i)) (entdel ei) ) (defun nohand (el) (subst (cons 5 "0") (assoc 5 el) el) ) (defun getent (e) (if xdata (entget e '("*"))(entget e)) ) (initget "Arc Circle Dim Insert Line MLine MText PLine POint Solid TExt TRace 3DFace *") (prompt "\nEnter your choice...") (prompt "\nArc/Circle/Dim/Insert/Line/MLine/MText/PLine/POint/Solid/TExt/TRace/3DFac e/: ") (setq ans1 (getkword)) (if (= ans1 "PLine")(setq ans1 "Polyline")) (if (= ans1 "Dim")(setq ans1 "Dimension")) (if (or (not ans1)(= ans1 "*")) (setq etyp "entitie") (setq etyp (strcase ans1) filter (append (list (cons 0 etyp)) filter) ) ) ;;--------------------------------------------- ;; Get the user's choice of selecting entities: ;; (initget "All Layers Manually Picklayer") (setq ans2 (getkword "\nSelection method, All/Layers/Picklayer/: ")) (prompt "\nExcluding all entities not in current space.") (cond ((= ans2 "All") (prompt (strcat "\nGetting ALL " etyp "s... ")) (setq ss (ssget "X" filter)) ) ((= ans2 "Layers") (setq ans2 (getstring "\nLayer names : ")) (if (= ans2 "")(setq layer "*")(setq layer ans2)) (prompt (strcat "\nGetting all " etyp "s on selected layer(s)... ")) (setq ss (ssget "X" (append (list (cons 8 layer)) filter))) ) ((= ans2 "Picklayer") (prompt "\nSelect object to define layer name:") (if (setq e (entsel)) (progn (setq layer (cdr (assoc 8 (entget (car e))))) (prompt (strcat "\nGetting all " etyp "s on layer " layer "... ")) (setq ss (ssget "X" (append (list (cons 8 layer)) filter))) ) ) ) ((/= etyp "entitie") (prompt (strcat "\nDon't worry about selecting objects that are not " etyp "s.")) (prompt "\nThey will be filtered out of selection set.") (setq ss (ssget filter)) ) (1 (setq ss (ssget filter))) ) (if ss (progn (if (/= etyp "entitie") (progn (prompt (strcat "\n" (itoa (sslength ss)) " " etyp "s found.\n")) (setq elist (list etyp)) ) (progn (prompt (strcat "\n" (itoa (sslength ss)) " entities found.\n")) (prompt "Sorting entities by type... ") (while (< i (sslength ss)) (setq etyp (cdr (assoc 0 (entget (ssname ss i)))) i (1+ i)) (if (not (member etyp elist))(setq elist (cons etyp elist))) ) ) ) (initget "Yes No") (setq xdata (= "Yes" (getkword "\nInclude 'XDATA' comparisons? Yes/: "))) (initget 2) (setq ans3 (getreal "\nFuzz factor for 'REAL comparisons (zero for none) : ")) (setq fuzz (if ans3 ans3 0.0)) (foreach etyp (reverse elist) (prompt "\r ") (prompt (strcat "\rSorting " etyp " entities by layer... ")) (if (> (length elist) 1)(setq ss (ssget "X" (list (cons 0 etyp))))) (setq i 0 llist nil) (while (< i (sslength ss)) (setq lay (cdr (assoc 8 (entget (ssname ss i)))) i (1+ i)) (if (not (member lay llist))(setq llist (cons lay llist))) ) (foreach lay (reverse llist) (setq ss (ssget "X" (list (cons 0 etyp)(cons 8 lay))) n (sslength ss) i 0) (prompt "\r ") (while (> n 0) (setq n (1- n) n1 (1+ n1)) (prompt (strcat "\rProcessing # " (itoa n1) " ")) (setq i (1- n) en (ssname ss n) el (nohand (cdr (getent en))) el_n el ) (while (> i -1) (setq ei (ssname ss i) el_i (nohand (cdr (getent ei)))) (cond ((= etyp (cdr (assoc 0 el_i)) "LINE") (setq p10 (cons 10 (cdr (assoc 11 el_n))) p11 (cons 11 (cdr (assoc 10 el_n))) elr (subst p10 (assoc 10 el_n) el_n) elr (subst p11 (assoc 11 el_n) elr) ) (if (or (equal el_n el_i fuzz)(equal elr el_i fuzz)) (del) (setq i (1- i)) ) ) ((not (equal el_n el_i fuzz))(setq i (1- i))) ((and (assoc 66 el_n)(assoc 66 el_i)) (setq done nil en_n en en_i ei) (while (not done) (setq en_n (entnext en_n) el_n (nohand (cdr (getent en_n))) en_i (entnext en_i) el_i (nohand (cdr (getent en_i))) ) (cond ((equal el_n el_i fuzz)) ((and (= (cdar el_n) "SEQEND") (= (cdar el_i) "SEQEND")) (setq done 1) (del) ) ((not (equal el_n el_i fuzz))(setq done 1 i (1- i))) ) ) (setq el_n el) ) (1 (del)) ) ) ) ) ) (prompt (strcat "\n" (itoa d) " duplicate entities deleted.")) (if (> d 0) (progn (redraw) (prompt "\nYou may need REGEN to see remaining entities.") ) ) ) (if (or (not ans1)(= ans1 "*")) (prompt "\nNo entities found.") (prompt (strcat "\nNo " etyp " entities found.")) ) ) (princ) )


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